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West Coast5518897111


SeasonRndHome Team  Away Team  GroundDate 
2017R22GWS Giants  vWest Coast  Spotless StadiumAug 19 (Sat 4:35pm) 
2017R10West Coast  vGWS Giants  Domain StadiumMay 28 (Sun 4:40pm) 
2016R21GWS Giants3.3 6.7 12.10 14.12 (96)lost toWest Coast1.4 5.8 8.11 14.13 (97)Spotless StadiumAug 13 (Sat 4:35pm)
2015R5West Coast4.2 9.4 12.10 18.12 (120)dftdGWS Giants3.4 3.4 4.8 4.9 (33)Domain StadiumMay 2 (Sat 7:40pm)
2014R8West Coast5.2 11.5 21.5 30.8 (188)dftdGWS Giants1.2 6.2 9.3 12.5 (77)Patersons StadiumMay 11 (Sun 4:40pm)
2013R9GWS Giants2.1 4.3 8.4 8.7 (55)lost toWest Coast7.4 14.9 18.12 23.17 (155)Skoda StadiumMay 25 (Sat 2:10pm)
2012R3GWS Giants2.0 4.1 6.5 10.9 (69)lost toWest Coast11.4 15.8 21.9 23.12 (150)Blacktown ISPApr 15 (Sun 1:10pm)

Top 20 Players (last 5 games GWS Giants vs West Coast)

Player MT Team KAvg HAvg D Avg M Avg HO Avg T Avg FFFA G Avg BSC Rat Avg
Josh J. Kennedy3West Coast3511.7934414.7258.30082.731206.75125355118.3
Luke Shuey3West Coast4314.342148528.3113.70012412451.7030324108
Matt Priddis3West Coast227.35919.781276210.32485631119305101.7
Callan Ward3GWS Giants299.748167725.7103.372.3175.752001128896
Chris Masten3West Coast48163110.37926.3206.70041.301003328294
Toby Greene3GWS Giants36123812.77424.7206.700626641.312528193.7
Stephen Coniglio3GWS Giants3110.33411.36521.712400206.724001126889.3
Dylan Shiel3GWS Giants33115518.38829.36200103.354003326387.7
Andrew Gaff3West Coast4314.333117625.31240041.33020.701226287.3
Mark LeCras3West Coast279237.75016.718600124346264226287.3
Elliot Yeo3West Coast3210.73712.3692318651.79343000026086.7
Devon Smith3GWS Giants3411.3258.35919.712400103.34141.332725685.3
Heath Shaw3GWS Giants5016.72177123.7196.30041.314000025484.7
Shannon Hurn3West Coast3812.71865618.72170082.70010.32825384.3
Tom Scully3GWS Giants268.74013.3662212400113.73110.30624481.3
Nick Naitanui3West Coast155217361231842882.73251.713124080
Lachie Whitfield3GWS Giants3210.730106220.7175.7006204000021973
Brad Sheppard3West Coast3311196.35217.315500623110.30621270.7
Sharrod Wellingham3West Coast3511.7144.74916.3134.30072.33110.30620668.7
Jamie Cripps3West Coast268.7144.74013.39300103.33241.322619665.3
Totals60 66811.161110.2127921.32794.6971.61963.3685157129371523087.2

Please note: Players must have played in at least 3 of the games. If a player has played for both sides they are listed per side.

Top 20 Players (since 2012 GWS Giants vs West Coast)

Player MT Team KAvg HAvg D Avg M Avg HO Avg T Avg FFFA G Avg BSC Rat Avg
Luke Shuey5West Coast7414.86312.613727.4214.200183.6155112.2167550110
Chris Masten5West Coast90185110.214128.2336.600112.23430.6422528105.6
Callan Ward5GWS Giants5911.86713.412625.2234.671.4316.27830.6220514102.8
Josh J. Kennedy5West Coast5010142.86412.835700122.442275.4817049999.8
Andrew Gaff5West Coast75155110.212625.2193.800112.26030.611945390.6
Devon Smith5GWS Giants5911.8346.89318.6234.610.2224.4635143443486.8
Shannon Hurn5West Coast6713.4336.61002035700122.41010.23943086
Nick Naitanui5West Coast255387.66312.661.214028173.48591.815542585
Stephen Coniglio5GWS Giants499.85911.810821.620400265.256002241883.6
Toby Greene5GWS Giants5310.66613.211923.8265.20081.67840.812540981.8
Dylan Shiel5GWS Giants5410.8801613426.891.800142.855003339879.6
Tom Scully5GWS Giants438.67114.211422.8193.800132.64520.411338276.4
Totals60 69811.662710.4132522.12694.51482.51953.27151681.131439544090.7

Please note: Players must have played in at least 5 games. If a player has played for both sides they are listed per side.

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